OceanSide Sales Center

The OceanSide Resort Sales Center was a team effort… between myself, the Marketing Department at WCI and International Design and Display Group. The large “view” you see in the background is actually a photo shot from a helicopter, printed out on plexiglass and lit from behind, to make it appear as if real. There is a miniature of the building and surrounding amenities as the focal point. Floorplans line the back wall. When creating this, I took into consideration the path desired by the sales team for most effective demonstrations. Beginning with Aerials of surrounding community. Then lifestyle. How wonderful to live here… with beautiful photos and words… plus the amenities… all matching the “look and feel” of the brand. Then, third, the “bricks”. The actual floor plans. Lastly, the security and safety of the developer. At the time this office was built, no building existed. It was my job to make it “feel” as if it existed in the minds and hearts of the customer. It worked!