White Castle

ABOUT WHITE CASTLE Do they really need an explanation? 2×2 inch little steamed burgers with onions and pickles took the country by storm 90 years ago, and they haven’t stopped. MY INVOLVEMENT This particular project shown was to highlight their “Chicken Rings” with dipping sauces. The pieces shown are various Point of Purchase, like a digital translite, a counter mat, a pole banner, and a drive thru sign. Everyone liked the sense of movement I achieved by having the rings coming out from off the page at an angle, and having the sauce splashing from the ramekin. This was all created, pretty much. The sauces were made from shots we had of milk shakes. We had chicken rings, but of course not flying in. And, there was no barbecue sauce splashing. White Castle had to send us down their sauces so we could be sure to get the colors correct. The oranges and blues of the pieces are to keep with WC brand standards.
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WHITE CASTLE New packaging is often needed for different initiatives, to go along with the theme of the overall campaign. Each initiative would last about a month (it varies). The packaging I am showing here was for a “Finger Football” Initiative that White Castle held – that included social media, TV, new packaging, POP, Newspaper advertising, Pandora advertising, and all ending up with a National Championship held in Indiana, sponsored by White Castle. The CraveCase actually could be used to play Finger Football. The complete rules were outlined on the box. This was all in conjunction with the National Finger Football League. MY INVOLVEMENT I designed the “CraveCase” and did the production work as well. There were many rules to follow in order to keep the costs down on this project, including keeping ink coverage less than a certain percentage, no rules less than 1pt, no close registration and only 2 spot colors. Even this was challenging, as I wanted to match the brand colors, even though I was printing on a non-white surface, with a lot of bleed-thru. Multiple pulls were done to check the colors on the stock to choose the closest to brand. The die line was received from the vendor. […]
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Boston Market

ABOUT BOSTON MARKET In an age of proliferating takeout and fast food dining, Boston Market offers a unique opportunity for people who yearn for home-cooked food. They have more than 450 restaurants and 10,000 employees are still proud to continue striving to fulfill a vision of a “home-away-from-home,” offering honest, easy and delicious meals to busy people who really care about eating well. MY INVOLVEMENT Boston Market was one of the accounts that I worked on while at Zimmerman Advertising. On this particular initiative, the Creative Brief was asking for a “farm like, down home, mid-western feel” without showing actual chicken or livestock. I liked the rustic look of the wood, and carried it through the campaign. I added a chain to hang some signs, as I wanted to bring some additional textures in the pieces. Of course, the deliciousness of the food is primary. In some pieces, I made the chef more personable… as in Boston Market, he/she is within view of the customer, and within talking distance, making it more of a “down-home” feel. Boston Market loved this campaign so much, they wanted to make this their total corporate look, and all future campaigns to carry that look. As […]
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